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Family Dispute
Divorce and Family Mediation


For disputes over:

divorce, guardianship, parenting, tax matters...

  • Prenuptial Contracts

  • Trust and Tax solutions for Divorce

  • Separation of Assets

  • Divorces and Family conflicts

  • Custody or Guardianship

  • Parenting Agreements

  • Estate or Tax Plan revisions

  • Professional Negligence

​​Elder Care Mediation

For disputes over:

care of elderly or incapacitated adults...

  • Caregivers, parents, guardians or other decision maker disagreements

  • Disputed Powers-of-Attorney, Healthcare Proxies, Living Wills, or End-of-Life Choices

  • Professional Negligence

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Home Nurse Examining Patient
​​Estate and Inheritance Mediation

For disputes over:

estates, trusts, and inheritance matters...

  • Trust Revisions or Will Challenges

  • Fiduciary (Executor/Personal Representatives or Trustees) vs. Beneficiaries and vice versa

  • Fiduciary Income Taxes and Death Tax Allocations

  • Probate or Trust Administration Lawsuits

  • Professional Negligence