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Using Facilitative... Directive... Transformative... or a combination of mediation styles, Gale Allison helps you make peace from your business and family disputes.


Nationally certified, Gale Allison's credentials include her law degree, a master's in tax law and mediation certificates in Family and Divorce from The Mediation Institute as well as one in Litigation (lawsuits) and another in Elder Care from top-ranked Pepperdine University's Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution*.


Gale Allison has worked as an Assistant General Counsel for Litigation for the federal government, as an IRS Estate and Gift Tax Attorney, been a partner in a large law firm, and led her own successful private estate law firm since 1996.  Closing that firm to focus more closely on mediation, she joined DRC (Dispute Resolution Consultants) in 2017.  With Gale Allison, your disputes about business, divorce, inheritances, or elder care can be quietly, privately, and cost-effectively mediated. Details on the various types of mediation she does are found in our FAQs


Gale Allison's legal and business career spans four decades working with business issues such as structure, succession, strategy, contracts, payments, boundaries, leadership and control. She's worked with family issues like passing on or securing property and assets, guardianship or custody, probate, estate and trust administration, elder care, estate-related taxes, litigation, and consulting on high-stakes divorces. She is especially skilled in Trust and Tax strategies and estate doctoring.


Familiar with a multitude of domestic and business relationships, her experience includes being a business and law firm partner and owner, an estate and tax lawyer, litigator,  trust and tax consultant, and a member of a family coping with elder care issues.  With these multiple perspectives, she knows what it takes for families to function effectively and for businesses to succeed to the next generation. In short, she is both resourceful and realistic about custom solutions that help you find and negotiate workable, private settlement resolutions.  

Her watchwords are: "There's enough strife in this world. Let's find peace!"

When you are ready to mediate conflicts over business and family matters, CONTACT US.

*For more than a decade, Pepperdine has been named the #1 dispute resolution school in the nation (US News and World Report).